Welcome to Transfield Transformers & Electronics

We are one of the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of high performance transformers that are applicable in diverse industries.


“Transfield” manufactures Control & Power Transformers, also Inductors / Line Reactors [ Chokes ] for various industrial applications. These Transformers are widely used for Machine tools, Control Panels, VFD Panels, APFC/CAPACITOR Panels, Instruments, Power supplies, UPS Systems, Solar Inverters, Wind Energy Systems, Battery chargers etc.

Transfield” Manufactures Custom Built Transformers in the Range of 10 VA to 100.0 KVA either Single Phase or Three Phase. These Transformers’ construction may be of Auto or Isolation type

The product range includes Inductors / Line Reactors (Chokes ) in single or Three phase, either Air-Core OR Iron Core type. Tapped Inductors & Shunt [ Load ] Reactors are also made as per requirements. The Company also manufactures special purpose Transformers like Zigzag OR Phase shifting Transformers. And Wind – solar Inverter Isolation Transformers for Parallel operations with national Electrical grid.

The Transformers / Chokes are made with Super Enameled or DFGC Copper and Aluminum round wires or Rectangular strips of Insulation class, “F” / “H”. Low loss CRGO / CRNGO stampings are used as per the requirements of customers and their specifications to suit their typical applications. All the products are warranted for 12 months for their performance.

The Company [ firm ] is serving the Electrical/Electronic industries since more than 20 years, with Best efficient Transformers, Reactors etc. at Reasonable prices and with Prompt Deliveries.

For more information, please visit http://www.transfieldpune.com