Detuning Reactors Manufacturer in Pune

Since utility companies are imposing penalties for poor or leading pf in the installations, the Power Factor Correction has become a necessity today. Use of capacitors and reactors are un-avoidable. The de-tuning reactors are connected in series with power factor correction capacitors to reduce harmonic currents. They also ensure that the series resonant frequency does not occur at a harmonic of the supply frequency.

The reactors are usually chosen and rated as either 1%, 5%, 5.6%, 7% OR 14% reactors. This means that at the line frequency, the capacitive reactance is reduced by 5% or 7%. One needs to check the suitability of the capacitors for use with line reactors before using.

Our reactors generally have 150% linearity and 180%, 200% or 220% linearity is also given for typical requirements with different capacitor or line voltages. Noiseless / vibration free reactors with low heat dissipation is our specialty.

We are one of the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Series Detuned Reactors which are applicable in diverse industries.

Backed by the team of Experts and advanced infrastructure, we have been able to manufacture, export and supply a wide range of Series Detuned Reactors. Our products are manufactured using high quality raw material and advance technology. In order to ensure the quality and durability of the product, the entire range is tested on various parameters before final delivery to the clients.

Detuning Reactor Specifications

Applications APFC Panels/Capacitor Panels, Active Front End VFDs, etc.
Used As Line Filters, Detuning / Series Reactors, Tuned Reactors
Ratings 100mA to 500A. (Custom Built as per Specifications.), CU & AL both options available.
Frequency 50/60Hz.
Voltage Up to 1 KV.
Detuning Reactors Manufacturer in Pune

Load Reactors Manufacturer in Pune

Shunt Reactors Manufacturer in Pune

We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of load or shunt reactors, with 150% linearity using Low loss stampings. Load or shunt reactors are used for testing of engine generators or power supplies or UPS Systems etc.

Inductive loads are required in single and three phase systems. Sometimes shunt reactors are also used to correct / minimize harmonics or to correct leading pf in industries.

We are one of the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Load Reactors which are used in diverse industries.

Backed by the team of Experience /Experts and advanced infrastructure, we have been able to manufacture and supply a wide range of Load Reactors.

Our products are manufactured using high quality raw material to suit different types, environmental conditions and typical applications. In order to ensure the Quality, Performance and Durability of the product, the products are tested in various parameters before final delivery to the clients.


Load Reactors Specifications

Used As Inductive Loads for Testing of UPS Systems, AC Generators, Power Supplies etc.
Ratings 50mA to 50A 230V to 415V (As per Customer Specifications), CU AL both options available.
Frequency Up to 1KHz.
Voltage Up to 1 KV.

" We are leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance Transformers & Chokes/Reactors with highest Energy Efficiency resulting in Energy (cost) savings in the Product, where those are used."

“ Manufacturer of Inductors, Line Reactors and Custom Build Single Phase or Three Phase Control & Power Transformers with capacity from 10 VA to 150 KVA ”

Quality Check

All materials that form a part of our products have to pass through stringent Quality checks.

  • Every product is rigorously tested for their electrical parameters
  • Ratio test (No load test)
  • Short circuit test
  • Megger test (Insulation resistant test)
  • High voltage break down test (Flash test)
  • Type test for batch core loss / efficiency
  • Impedance measurement Test
  • Test certificate details on all the tests conducted and results thereof.

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"Transformer play a very critical role in efficient transmission & distribution of electricity. An efficient transformer ensures that electricity generated at the power plant reaches the end-consumption point with lowest technical losses. The Indian transformer industry is now at the threshold of an exciting future".

Rajesh Piralkar

Rajesh Piralkar

“ I have been associated with M/S Transfield and Mr. Toradmal for almost 20 years now and have used their transformers, detuned reactors and shunt reactors in various products namely UPS systems, Detuned harmonic filter panels and others. Their quest for technical perfection and consistency in quality while delivering electromagnetic products is admirable. Crisp and prompt business transactions with Transfield are always enjoyable. I wish them success in all their future endeavors.”

Rajesh Piralkar

Narendra Duvedi

SAS Powertech P Ltd., Executive Director, BEE Certified Energy Auditor, Chartered Engineer, Hon Secretary
Consulting Electrical Engineers Association of Maharashtra (CEEAMA).

We have been associated with Transfield Electronics for over 2 decades. Our experience has been that we have always witnessed a proactive approach towards service and betterment of product and open to change, which is a must to grow a business partnership.

We appreciate that Design change, cost optimization and above all exceeding customer satisfaction has always been on the forefront at their end which adds value to both organizations

We have always respected the way your systems have been followed throughout your organization and we want you to keep up the good work. We take this opportunity in wishing you and your organization best wishes and success in your future endeavors.

Rajesh Piralkar

Ranjit Mohite

Managing Director, Aar-em Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
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